World Pharmacists Day – an open letter from Toby Anderson

Over the last 18 months, it feels like more and more people have woken up to the vital role that pharmacists play in protecting our national health. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, they have remained the most accessible and adaptable healthcare professionals – providing essentials services and advice to their patients and communities.

World Pharmacist Day takes place on Saturday 25 September and this gives us all an opportunity to reflect on how important pharmacists really are. I’ve seen first-hand just how hard they work and just how of a difference they make every day. It makes me truly proud to be working alongside them.

So, I’d like to say thank you to all pharmacists. As a father, a son, a husband – and occasionally a patient myself – I’m incredibly grateful for everything you do to keep us well.

Across our organisation, we have expert pharmacists working in a number of fields. Whether they are based in the community, at a hospital, a mental health trust or even a prison – they are united by a passion for improving the health of our patients. We’ve also got many pharmacists working in non-patient facing roles, for example within our LloydsDirect team, our off-site dispensing hubs, and our clinical homecare compounding units – as well as those working in operational, management or support roles.

It’s their clinical expertise and insight that makes our business so unique. That’s why we are taking some time to recognise them and celebrate their impact this week.

After such a challenging period, we should all take a moment to say thank you to our pharmacists. I hope you can join me in wishing them a very Happy World Pharmacist Day.

Thank you