We Are Primary Care

A new cross-sector report by Pharmacy Voice, We Are Primary Care, emphasises the need for patients to use all primary care providers, including community services, appropriately to sustain the NHS.

It discusses how patients need greater understanding of the services available within the community, and that visiting the GP is not always the most appropriate first point of contact. The report also reflects on the role community health specialists can play in tackling public health challenges including smoking and obesity.

The report aims to:

  • introduce and define contemporary primary care to the general public, encouraging them to use it for all but the most serious of conditions and emergencies;
  • look beyond general practice as the only alternative to hospital care;
  • highlight the vital role primary care has to play in supporting public health and the vital role public health has to play in sustaining an NHS that is free at the point of need;
  • present primary care’s view of itself as delivered to NHS England as part of its Call to Action consultation;
  • highlight the different ways in which much of primary and secondary care is funded.

The document was developed in association with the NHS Alliance, Optical Confederation and the National Community Hearing Association. To read the full report, please download We Are Primary Care.