Two new businesses join our McKesson family

Today, McKesson UK welcomes two new businesses to its family; Prescribing Support Services (PSS) and Optimed Healthcare.  Both are specialists in medicines optimisation and they work with commissioners and general practice to make sure that patients are supported in managing their medicines.

With an aging population, more patients with long term conditions and health budgets under ever greater scrutiny, all healthcare providers must focus on optimising use of medicines to deliver better patient outcomes, preventing emergency admissions and reducing medicines’ waste.

Pharmacists have an increasing role to play in this approach, so acquiring these businesses provides McKesson UK with valuable expertise to support the development of a clinical workforce that is equipped to meet the current and future needs of the NHS.

This acquisition provides McKesson UK with the perfect foundation to support the development of our pharmacists and their teams across our business, providing a clear route for them to foster and apply their clinical skills.  Growing this capability will allow us to support the delivery of services to the NHS in line with the anticipated Long Term Plan and the NHS England Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice programme.

PSS and Optimed have demonstrated true leadership in primary care pharmacy and pushed the boundaries of medicines optimisation services delivered by their experienced teams of clinicians.  We are incredibly excited by this addition to our business and its contribution to a future model for pharmacy in the UK.