Toby Anderson steps down from role as CEO of McKesson UK

McKesson UK has today announced that Toby Anderson has stepped down from the role of CEO with immediate effect after over three years with the company.

Dominik Müser from AURELIUS Group said: “We are extremely grateful for the commitment Toby has demonstrated over the years to help us achieve the McKesson vision of becoming the UK’s leading healthcare organisation. His leadership, during a period of great uncertainty, has given us the solid foundations we can now build on to deliver sustained success in the future.

“As well as helping to turnaround the profitability of our business, Toby also oversaw our inspirational response to the Covid-19 pandemic, where we ensured that our customers and patients could continue to receive the vital medicines and services they needed.

“We remain focussed on delivering great services for our customers and patients across our individual businesses. Through our core businesses – LloydsPharmacy, LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare, and AAH – we play a vital role in protecting the health of communities across the country and we have an exciting opportunity to grow and improve our businesses even more over the next few years.”