Setting the standard with John Bell & Croyden

Cormac Tobin, Managing Director of Celesio UK, including John Bell & Croyden

Our vision to create a modern and distinctive pharmacy destination in the capital city has recently been brought to life. The new, pioneering John Bell & Croyden store on Wigmore Street in central London has had a multi-million pound investment to become a health and wellbeing destination that exudes high quality within luxurious surroundings, and inspired solutions to healthcare needs.

Our introduction of the FirstCare walk in clinic at John Bell & Croyden offers a unique service to every Londoner, commuter and visitor. The service provides Londoners with the opportunity to request confidential health consultations at their convenience. An independent prescribing pharmacist will also be on hand to prescribe emergency medications and treatments for around 30 of the most common ailments, and through the clinic we can offer wider services including travel vaccinations.

The research behind our launch showed that 71% of Londoners would consider visiting a pharmacy first for advice to avoid taking time off work to see their GP. Our aim is to help educate customers and patients on what community pharmacy is capable of delivering, and to seek the holistic range of services available at John Bell & Croyden.

Our overall strategy with these clinics is to highlight how community pharmacy can play a larger role in the treatment of minor ailments and injuries whilst alleviating the continuing pressures at GP surgeries and A&E departments across the country. After trialling the innovative pharmacy-led clinic at North Manchester General Hospital’s A&E unit we know that we can potentially free up the equivalent of two clinicians per shift who will have more time to concentrate on patients with more serious conditions reinforcing the benefits to offering the service beyond hospitals and directly into the community.

As well as promoting pharmaceutical expertise, John Bell & Croyden is also home to an emporium of health and wellbeing products and treatments for the city’s customers and patients. We offer unparalleled access to advice, consultations and products alongside non-invasive cosmetic treatments including dental hygienists, osteopaths and chiropodists.

We are passionate that the historic John Bell & Croyden pharmacy is an icon in its field; we want our vision to set the new standard for pharmacies all over the world where customers and patients receive high quality, tailored expert consultations for all of their needs.