Pharmaceutical manufacturers

Delivering safe and effective use of medicines to improve patient health

Going beyond distribution

We listen to our patients and customers to ensure we bring the right products and services to the right people, at the right time. Changes to the market, competition and pressures on the public purse mean that value-based care is more important than ever.

Distributing a product to a healthcare provider on time, and in perfect condition is still an important driver, but we have to think beyond that to ensure we deliver value and a sustainable healthcare system.

Improving accessibility

At McKesson UK, we are moving towards a more value-based delivery model. We are investing in our operations to deliver gold standard supply-chain, stocking more product locally to improve accessibility, and upgrading our tracking and tracing capabilities.

Dedicated patient support centre

Distribution and access to a medicine is only one part of the value chain. It is important that we understand prescribing and patient behaviour to truly deliver value and better patient outcomes.

We have invested in a dedicated patient support centre, which allows us to provide tailored adherence programmes for patients. This, coupled with our data and insight capabilities can truly drive better education and adherence to your products, ensuring better patient outcomes.

Driving better patient outcomes

We already treat 80,000 patients at home, but we now have the ability to treat patients through a specialist community pharmacy, or infusion healthcare centre, delivering better choice for patients. Plus, our dedicated centre provides patient support programmes to help them through their medicines journey, ultimately driving better outcomes for patients, and for our pharmaceutical partners.

McKesson Insight Solutions

Real-world intelligence can help to inform strategy, improve product performance and support better patient care. Now you can access the information you need with our unmatched insight services.

The McKesson Analytics Portal (MAP) brings stock, sales and market insight together in one easy-to-use, powerful, self-service portal. Get a high-level picture of product performance or drill down into the detail to get the actionable insights to build your brands and grow your business.

Our Market, Product and Patient Insight (MaPPI) lets you go deeper – providing you with with expert, bespoke analysis to deliver the critical insight you need to streamline operations, increase sales, and support patients at every stage of your product lifecycle.