Outpatients to benefit from new LloydsPharmacy at Poole Hospital

20th February 2017

A new partnership between Poole Hospital and LloydsPharmacy aims to deliver an efficient and dedicated on-site outpatient pharmacy service separating inpatient and outpatient dispensing at the hospital for the first time.

The partnership has been developed to offer an enhanced service for outpatients, as well as staff, by reducing waiting times for outpatient prescriptions as well as offering a range of associated services such as over the counter medicines and toiletries. It will also allow the hospital’s pharmacy team to spend more time on the wards helping inpatients and clinical staff and reduce waiting time for medicines when patients are being discharged.

Nick Bolton, acting chief pharmacist at Poole said: “The provision of a high quality and efficient pharmacy service for all patients is integral to our work at the hospital.”

“Working in partnership will allow us to focus more on patients at ward level as well as specialist areas whilst ensuring the continued provision of a first-rate dedicated pharmacy service to our outpatients.”

Adam Crampsie, LloydsPharmacy head of clinical operations for healthcare services, said: “LloydsPharmacy are excited to be working collaboratively with the Trust and our team will consistently aim to improve the service patients receive from our on-site outpatient pharmacy.”

“LloydsPharmacy has a wealth of experience working collaboratively within a large number of hospital settings across the country dispensing medication to patients, allowing NHS staff to be redeployed into more patient facing activities”

The Lloyds Pharmacy opened on 20 February. It will be based in the dome entrance to Poole Hospital opening 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 1pm on Saturdays.