Our company

Part of a global family making better health possible around the world

United by our common purpose

McKesson is one of the oldest and largest healthcare companies in the world. Covering 16 countries, we have one common purpose; to make better health possible.

We started small, but today, our reach is vast across both the US and Europe. We unite over 78,000 colleagues globally. McKesson Europe covers 13 countries and now, with McKesson UK, we are all working together to provide health and well-being solutions, that make a difference to customers and patients’ lives every day.

Better health is about improving lives

From two botanical importers in New York and a businessman in Dresden in 1833, our view has never changed; better health is about improving lives. We believe that opportunities to do this are everywhere.

You’ll find them within the relationships between manufacturers, healthcare systems and pharmacies. We look at improvement and economies of scale, while creating positive changes for the people who matter – our patients and communities.

Shared values

Our vision, to be the nation’s number one healthcare partner, is underpinned by our values, which we live and breathe every day. These values unite our 21,000 colleagues across the UK and worldwide.


We do what’s right.

Customer First

We succeed when our customers succeed.


We take personal responsibility for our actions and work.


We treat each other with dignity and consideration.


We insist on quality.

Every minute, every hour, every day

By making the most of our global expertise, we’re helping healthcare professionals to deliver a better experience for patients and drive efficiency for their organisation. This adds up to better patient outcomes every minute, every hour, every day, everywhere.

As part of McKesson Europe, and McKesson Corporation, we will continue to shape how the healthcare industry overcomes the new challenges of tomorrow.