McKesson UK publishes its Gender Pay Gap Report for 2020

McKesson UK is pleased to publish its UK gender pay gap report for the period 2019 to 2020. The business is committed to paying colleagues fairly and equally for the work they do, and we are on a journey to continue to reduce our gender pay gap over the coming years.

As a large employer in the UK, with over 20,000 employees, and a leading provider of healthcare services, the business has continued to make progress in the latest report.

It is great to see that the business continues to make progress across all business units. The report itself is broken down into our individual companies, but the overall results for McKesson UK are:

  • The Median pay gap for McKesson UK overall is 6.3% which is an encouraging improvement from 10.7% in the previous year.
  • The Mean pay gap for McKesson UK is 17.7%, an improvement from 18.9% last year.
  • 64% of the top pay quartile are female and 75% of the upper middle quartile are female.

Some areas, like Lloyds Pharmacy Clinical Homecare (LPCH), have a negative gender pay gap – in favour of females, which shows that we are already making strides toward becoming a truly inclusive and forward-thinking organisation.

There is a difference in average pay for males and females at McKesson UK and the main reason for this is that more junior and part-time roles are occupied by Women. Of the other UK companies that have so far submitted for 2019/20, the overall Mean pay gap is 16.8% and the Median is 15.9%.This means we compare relatively well with other employers, particularly from a median data point, however we recognise there is still more that can be done to drive further equality.

The business is committed to paying colleagues fairly and equally for the work that they do, and the goal is to ensure the gender pay gap is reduced year on year. It also recognises that there is a gender imbalance at the top of the organisation, and there is more to do to address this. Over 70% of McKesson’s UK colleagues are female, but unfortunately this is not reflected across senior management.

As the only female member of the Executive Leadership Team, UK Chief People Officer Jane Davies comments:

“Although we do not believe there is a disparity in pay for colleagues doing equivalent roles, we do understand there is more we can do to address the gender imbalance at the top of our organisation.

“As the sole woman on the ELT at McKesson UK I am committed to ensuring change, not only to our gender pay data, but to ensuring representation at all levels of our organisation.

I want to carve a path for more women and people of all backgrounds to move into our senior roles, to provide the richness of insight and experience to the leadership of our organisation in the future.

I’m excited to share that we have recently established a series of women in leadership networking groups which will enable us to use insights from women within in the business to drive positive cultural change. We will be sharing more about this initiative in the coming weeks and months.”

The business has also recently established a set of inclusion groups through which they will drive positive cultural change on various topics, including, Ethnicity, LGBTQ+, Disability, Mental Health and Women in Leadership.

McKesson UK is committed to being a truly inclusive place to work.