LloydsPharmacy rolls out nurse-led vaccination clinics


McKesson UK, which includes LloydsPharmacy and AAH, is introducing travel clinics to many of its community pharmacies across the UK.  The service has successfully piloted in selected LloydsPharmacy community pharmacies and will now roll out to around 120 stores over the next 12 months.

Patients who wish to take up the option of the private service pay £20 for a telephone consultation with a specialist travel nurse then, if appropriate, receive their vaccination/s at a local LloydsPharmacy or LloydsPharmacy in Sainsbury’s store from a trained pharmacist.  The nurse will ask for details of the patient’s medical history, where they are going and the activities they are planning before giving them a tailored travel plan.  The advisors can explain what vaccinations are and aren’t necessary as well as provide information on other health risks such as Zika and dengue fever.

Anna Ruthven, head of services for McKesson UK, says: “People are now travelling further afield more frequently and realise how important it is for them and their family to be protected.  Travel health is complex and constantly evolving so it is important to have the most up to date and accurate advice. Not all GPs offer a full travel service and even if they do, some people find it difficult to get an appointment at a time that is convenient for them.

“Our LloydsPharmacy service makes it easy to make the best use of time; the telephone consultation undertaken by a travel nurse takes under half an hour after which you receive a travel brief with appropriate advice on travel vaccines required and/or advised.  You can then arrange to receive the vaccination at a LloydsPharmacy near where you live or work.  With extended opening hours, LloydsPharmacy in Sainsbury’s is another option and if a traveller would rather see a nurse face to face, we can arrange that too, at a MASTA clinic.”

Patients can go to www.lloydsPharmacy.MASTA.com to find out more, book a telephone conversation or see where their local clinics are.

The pilot ran from July to December 2018 in 40 LloydsPharmacy branches. The travel service is currently available in around 60 stores.