LloydsPharmacy opens new outpatient pharmacy at Salisbury District Hospital

Thanks to a new partnership between LloydsPharmacy and Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, outpatients can now benefit from a faster, more convenient pharmacy experience at Salisbury District Hospital (SDH).

The new dispensary, which is situated within the hospital site, has been an ongoing project and was officially opened today.

The Trust was first identified as a potential partner in 2017 which led to a formal tender process, in which LloydsPharmacy was selected as the preferred partner and successful bidder in May 2020.

Kieran Doona, Head of Healthcare and NHS Pharmacy Services for McKesson UK, parent company to LloydsPharmacy, commented: “We’re delighted to be working with the team at SDH. Hospitals are vitally important institutions for the towns and cities that they serve, so it’s a huge honor for us to get to be a part of that. We all know that trips to hospital can be stressful, which is why improving and making a difference to that experience is one of our key objectives. We understand that outpatients want to be able to collect their medicine without having to wait too long, and this partnership is all about ensuring our services are as effective, efficient and as patient-focused as possible, whilst helping to drive efficiencies for the Trust and free them up to focus on more urgent care needs.”

As well a faster and more convenient pharmacy experience, patients, SDH staff and visitors can now also access a limited range of over-the-counter products, including pain medication, skincare products and toiletries. The pharmacy team can also provide advice and support for patients who have any questions about their health or treatment regime.

Steve Bleakley, Chief Pharmacist for Salisbury Hospital, said “It’s great to be working in partnership with LloydsPharmacy to provide our outpatients with an improved experience and purpose-built unit. The project has wide reaching benefits allowing hospital pharmacy staff to be redeployed towards improving patient safety and efficiency on the front line”.

The new outpatient pharmacy is expected to dispense around 62,000 items each year with the hospital itself providing care to more than 150,000 outpatients each year.

LloydsPharmacy now operates over 47 outpatient dispensaries across the country having opened their first one in November 2009 as part of a partnership with Royal Liverpool NHS Trust.

Kieran continues: “Our outpatient dispensaries are now a well-established proposition with a track record of helping hospitals to drive efficiencies and improve patient experience. Across these partnerships, not only have we helped Trusts make considerable cost savings, but we’ve also reduced waiting times, and improved the process of dispensing discharge medicines which helps patients to get home faster. I genuinely believe collaborations like this hold the key to a sustainable future for our health service.”