LloydsPharmacy offers on-site flu vaccinations to businesses in the UK

Employers can arrange for LloydsPharmacy to run a flu vaccination clinic on their premises. These clinics, which are available in either full or half day bookings, give employers the opportunity to protect their workforce from flu ahead of the late autumn and winter months.

Each year, over 7.6 million working days are lost as a result of flu. In fact, a typical employee will lose an average of five days due to flu, which can cost a business over £500 per employee. The LloydsPharmacy corporate flu vaccination clinics are designed to help safeguard and prepare workforces for flu season.

Employers are also able to order vouchers from LloydsPharmacy which can be redeemed by their employees at participating LloydsPharmacy stores across the UK. This can be done by pre-ordering vouchers online, or through pay as you go vouchers, which allow companies to be more flexible with their order. All vaccinations are carried out by fully trained pharmacists from LloydsPharmacy.

Deep Patel, NHS excellence manager at LloydsPharmacy, says: “Many people don’t realise how debilitating the flu virus can be. It can make even the healthiest individuals at every age feel very ill for weeks, and at risk groups such as those with asthma are particularly vulnerable. It is also highly contagious, and can easily spread across an entire workforce in a matter of days.

“Thousands of pounds are also lost each year by businesses affected by sickness leave from flu. The most important asset to any business is its people and preventing an outbreak by vaccination is a cost-effective way to safeguard the health of the workforce and also reduce the risk of impact upon working life. This service can be offered as an employee benefit and can really help to drive colleague engagement.

“We are offering businesses the opportunity to arrange clinics in their premises. Having one of our qualified pharmacists on-site not only makes it more convenient for employees to receive their vaccination, but it also means they have access to personalised, expert healthcare advice and support. Our flu voucher and clinic packages for businesses are hugely popular with both employers and employees.”

The LloydsPharmacy flu vaccination service is also available to the public at participating branches across the UK from September. Businesses can also take advantage of on-site vaccination clinics any time from September.

For more information about the Corporate Flu Vaccination service, visit the website at LloydsPharmacy.com/corporatefluvaccinations or contact the vaccination team by emailing flujab@lloydspharmacy.co.uk or calling 024 7662 5304.

To find out whether a local LloydsPharmacy provides the flu vaccination service, visit the store locator on the LloydsPharmacy website at LloydsPharmacy.com/storelocator

About the LloydsPharmacy Corporate Flu Vaccination Service

Brochure – LloydsPharmacy Corporate Flu Vaccinations

Non-refundable vouchers are available for £9.50 per voucher for an order of between 1 to 100; £9.40 per voucher between 101 to 250; £9.30per voucher between 251 to 500; £9.20per voucher for an order of 501 or more.

Pay as you go vouchers are a good option if employers are unsure how many employees they would like to provide vaccinations for. These are available for £10.50 per voucher, but there is a minimum order of 100 vouchers.

Full day on-site clinics are available for £350 (excluding the cost of vaccinations). Half day clinics are available for £200 (excluding the cost of vaccinations). There is a maximum limit of 80 vaccinations which can be carried out in one day. Vaccines are priced at £9.50 for the first 100, £9.40 between 101 to 250, £9.30 between 251 to 500, £9.20 for 501 or more.