LloydsPharmacy introduces new screening service to help prevent health problems and the need for costly treatments

Earlier this month LloydsPharmacy launched a new health check service to help patients take more control over their well-being and reduce their risk of developing certain conditions. The service, which consists of a set of essential checks, is designed to help people avoid the need for costly future treatments by offering them advice on how they can better manage their health.

The Total Health Check service, which can be booked online or in store, encourages patients to be more health aware. Now available in over 500 LloydsPharmacy stores, the service costs £25 and includes a blood pressure and body mass index (BMI) check, cholesterol test and type 2 diabetes screening. The pharmacist will also discuss the patient’s family history with them and ask them to complete a lifestyle questionnaire which assesses their alcohol intake, diet and whether they smoke. A cardiac risk assessment is then calculated to determine the patient’s likelihood of developing heart disease.

Based on the results of the tests, the pharmacist will offer advice on how the person can adapt their lifestyle to improve their health or suggest a follow-up appointment. Alternatively, they may refer them to their GP or another healthcare service if they’re found to be at higher risk of developing certain conditions.

Anna Ruthven, head of services at McKesson UK, parent company of LloydsPharmacy, said: “We want the general public to be more health conscious and take control of their well-being. For them to be able to do that we need to make access to healthcare as convenient as possible. Like so many of the services our pharmacists provide, Total Health Check is designed to help prevent health problems and ease capacity for the NHS”.

Designed to help people over the age of 18 to manage their health better, the service is particularly beneficial to anyone needing support on how to quit smoking, maintain their blood sugar levels or eat more healthily. A report from Public Health England states that the cost of diabetes and obesity in the UK is over £6bn each year. This highlights the importance of prevention and by introducing this service, LloydsPharmacy hopes to reduce the number of people requiring future costly treatment.

Anna continues: “So far, our pharmacy teams have offered advice on cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking, alcohol intake and weight management as part of this service. They’ve also already recognised 18 occasions where patients should follow up with their GP. That’s 18 patients who probably weren’t aware they had a potential medical issue. Stopping conditions before they have chance to appear is much less costly for our health service and most importantly, is far more preferential for patients.

“Our pharmacists’ expert knowledge and care is making a difference to patients’ health and future well-being. Easy access to advice and regular checks can help prevent further costly complications. When you look at the ever-increasing pressure on NHS services, early intervention screenings like this hold the key to a healthier future for our country”.