Lloydspharmacy heroes

Peggy Vogt from Lloydspharmacy in Witney, England, has won the title of Lloydspharmacy Hero 2013 at a prestigious awards ceremony held in London on 13 June with the English Health Minister, Jeremy Hunt MP, as the guest of honour.

 Along with four other Lloydspharmacy employees from across the UK, Peggy was nominated by members of the public in April as part of an initiative to identify colleagues who have provided outstanding service to people and patients.

Peggy was chosen by an independent panel because she was consistently able to explain medication to patients in a non-clinical way that allows them to leave the pharmacy educated, assured and wanting to return for advice. That is vital as an astounding number of people do not take their medication as directed if at all leading to premature deaths, heart attacks, strokes and amputations.

 Earlier that day, Peggy and the other finalists had the opportunity to meet The Prime Minister, David Cameron MP, at his official residence, 10 Downing Street. At the awards dinner Peggy was presented with a trophy by Celesio UK and Lloydspharmacy MD, Cormac Tobin.

Peggy said, “I was overwhelmed when I heard I had been nominated and chosen as a finalist, let alone winning the award. I love my job, particularly helping people to understand how to take their medicines properly. After hearing all the other amazing Health Hero stories, it has made me realise how valuable my role is and I just want to give more. I had a fantastic day and am proud to work for Lloydspharmacy”.

The other finalists were…

  • Ingrid Dunphy, Port Talbot
  • Ann Saffer, Alwoodly Leeds
  • Hayley Middleton-Carr, Coventry
  • Stewart Blakey, Thetford

 Cormac  congratulated Peggy, “She is a shining example of the kind of dedication and commitment which our colleagues demonstrate in Lloydspharmacies across the UK. We received hundreds of nominations from members of the public with examples of outstanding care, support and advice. Choosing an overall winner was not any easy task, but well done Peggy: you deserve the award”.

Earlier that evening the Health Heroes awards took place sponsored by Lloydspharmacy in association with The Daily Mail and ITV’s This Morning programme. As sponsors Lloydspharmacy employees were not eligible to be nominated. The winner of that award was Dr Ronan Moran: a devoted GP who visited a dying patient at all hours to give him the support and dignity he needed in his final weeks.

Health Minister Jeremy Hunt MP said, ““Every day doctors, nurses, health workers and volunteers make a real difference to people’s lives with their hard work and determination. There are many who go above and beyond their jobs, including the finalists of the Health Hero awards and winner Dr Moran..

“The awards recognise this and give us all a chance to say thank you to those who through their help and compassion have made other people’s lives easier during difficult times.”

 About the Lloydspharmacy finalists…

 Ingrid Dunphy, Port Talbot

 Ingrid demonstrates the invaluable role which Lloydspharmacy plays in identifying those with conditions who may not be aware they need treatment. She encouraged a customer to have a blood pressure check. The result was exceptionally high and the customer was referred immediately to their GP as they were at high risk of having a heart attack or stroke. As the nominee stated, “if it wasn’t for Ingrid I might not be here now”.

 Ann Saffer, Alwoodly Leeds

 Ann is also another life saver. She used her professional knowledge and experience to intervene when a customer who had a terrible cough came into her Lloydspharmacy several times to buy cough mixture. She recognised that person needed to see their GP. They were diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer which resulted in their lung being removed. The nominee stated, “Ann has given me the chance to watch my three beautiful children – who are only 7, 11 and 13 – grow up. If it was not for her dedication I would not be here to tell you this tale”.

 Hayley Middleton-Carr, Coventry

 The nomination for Hayley stated that she is always on the go but stops whatever she is working on to serve customers. Hayley is always friendly and is always pleased to help people in the pharmacy. The nominee stated, “I have a choice as to where I go but I only go back to where I am given first class service”.

 Stewart Blakey, Thetford

 Stuart is another example of how community pharmacy is at the frontline of our nation’s healthcare system. He was nominated by someone whom Stuart suspected of having pneumonia. In fact that person had cancer and was rushed into hospital for treatment. Another person who stated that without that professional judgement and intervention they would not be alive today.

 Peggy Vogt, Whitney

 An astounding number of people do not take their medication as directed if at all leading to premature deaths, heart attacks, strokes and amputations. Not surprisingly community pharmacies are the best place for patients to get the support and advice they need. Penny was nominated for being able to explain medication in a non-clinical way that allows patients to leave the pharmacy educated, assured and wanting to return for advice.