LloydsPharmacy Healthcare Centres: Inspired by patient success stories

Our lead oncology nurse, Natalie Bingham was invited to present at the UK Oncology Nursing Society conference, where she spoke about how community-based clinics are helping improve patient outcomes.

As a nurse, you get to see first-hand how patients’ lives are impacted by the treatment they receive. Being able to help people feel better, or make sure they can manage their condition effectively, is such a privileged position to be in. You have the opportunity to make a real difference to people’s lives and it never gets old.

In my career, I’ve been lucky enough to work in many busy hospital environments, as well as more personalised homecare settings. Both have been professionally stimulating – and both bring their own benefits to patients. Now, as part of the LloydsPharmacy Healthcare Centres team, I’ve been able to see how community-based treatment clinics can also help to improve patient outcomes.

The healthcare centres concept is all about offering patients more choice, so they can find a treatment option that works for them. We work with NHS Trusts to identify injection and infusions services that we can deliver on their behalf, in the community. We know that regular visits to hospital can be stressful, so by offering patients the opportunity to receive their care in a more convenient setting, we can help them to feel more comfortable and in control.

I was honoured to be invited to present at the UK Oncology Nursing Society conference (UKONS) last week. At the event, I was able to share the positive impact that our very first healthcare centre, based in Scunthorpe, is having on both patients and the Trust.

We have a great partnership with the clinical teams at North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust. We are both united by a passion for providing great patient care. Through our healthcare centre in Scunthorpe, we’ve been able to release capacity for the Trust, helping them to manage their resources more effectively. At a time when the health service is under increasing pressure – and waiting times for treatments are increasing – we have proved that we can help Trusts to deliver their strategic objectives.

For me, it’s not just about the statistics of how many hours we’ve saved or the amount of treatments we’ve administered. It’s about the individual stories of the real people who are benefitting from our service. Being diagnosed with a serious condition can be a very difficult time for patients and their loved ones. We understand that the practicalities of treatment can also cause anxiety and stress, which is why our services are designed around three key principles: patient experience, easy access, and quality of life.

I am inspired every day by the patients I come across. Whatever condition they face, from breast cancer to osteoporosis, being a part of their health journey is a rewarding experience. I’m proud to be able to support patients by providing care that’s works for them, outside of hospital, closer to their home.