John Bell & Croyden launches brand new website

Luxury pharmacy John Bell & Croyden which is part of the McKesson UK family, has just launched its brand-new website, designed to make purchasing products easier for both UK and international customers.

The new online portal is an extension to the iconic store that showcases their world class holistic services and globally sourced wellbeing and beauty products. Customers now have access to exclusive new features and services including products, specialist facial InResidence treatments, lifestyle ranges and innovative technologies.

Easy to navigate, the website has been broken down into skincare and beauty, dental and oral hygiene, health and wellbeing, supplement and nutrition and better living. Each product featured has been handpicked by a team of industry leading buyers choosing from the best products across health and beauty worldwide. The site already features over 1,000 products and over the coming weeks this number is expected to rise to over 10,000.

It is also an online booking service for a wide range of pharmacy services including blood pressure testing, diabetes screening, pain clinic, personal product advisors and support and brace fitting. Appointments to John Bell & Croyden’s InResidence clinics and services can also be booked online this includes a private GP, beauty room, nutrition clinic, wellbeing clinic and fitness services. The bespoke services nutritional consultations, treatments and facials as well as tailored holistic advice.

Established in 1798 and pharmacists to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II since 1958, John Bell & Croyden is a multi-channel healthcare and wellbeing company operating from its historic site on Wigmore Street, London since 1912. It is a ‘best kept secret’ amongst celebrities and known for being the first retailer to bring many exclusive ranges and cult products to the UK. Based in the prestigious Harley Street Medical Area, John Bell & Croyden is constantly pushing the boundaries of what a modern pharmacy should offer.