Improving patient lives through real-time data and insights

Alexis Moss, head of PharmaCo at Celesio UK, talks about how we are supporting our partners to use data and patient insights which can lead to better health outcomes.

In the world of healthcare, we all know that making the wrong decision can have a significant impact on a patient’s health. So it’s important that any clinical decisions are backed up by evidence and informed by data and insight wherever possible. But to access the sort of information that can really add value, where do you start?

In order to improve health outcomes for our patients, we need to better understand them and their medicine adherence. The key to doing this is honing in on relevant, up-to-date data. Insights into market conditions, product usage and patients, allows us to make more informed decisions about which are the appropriate medicines and services that will ultimately benefit patients.

It’s very important that the insight you’re using is up to date. There’s no use making decisions based on old data. That’s what makes our Celesio UK MaPPI tool so special for our partners and why we’re really excited about the benefits it offers our partners and ultimately patients.

MaPPI allows you to access anonymous data about our LloydsPharmacy dispensing activity, within 72 hours of it happening – giving you accurate insights into product and patient trends. This is a real game changer for manufacturers and product managers because it means they can base marketing and product decisions on live product and patient insight from just three days ago.
Using MaPPI, we are perfectly positioned to mine our data, extracted from over 1500 LloydsPharmacy stores, serving over 13 million patients, with real time activity, to support our partners to be better meet patient needs.

Making information your friend will provide you with the market intelligence required to effectively develop the strategies you need to change market dynamics, deliver product growth and thus improve patient benefits and outcomes. For example, accessing the adherence report for a specific medication will show the usual point of non-adherence, thus providing a reference point at which you could make vital interventions via a patient support programme. Increasing medication adherence rates, improves patient outcomes. The most expensive medicine is one that is not taken.

If you have a new product to launch within the primary care market, our team can provide insights from MaPPI to help inform your strategy. Imagine the depth of understanding this can bring. It will enable you to analyse competitor and market medication usage, profile market demographics and identify geographic opportunities – all based on current patient dispensing.

Our MaPPI partners can simply call on us and we can expertly analyse relevant data in order to answer any questions and fill in the gaps. That insight can then be applied to update sales and marketing strategies, which can impact patient uptake in a matter of days.

Essentially we developed MaPPI to support manufacturers and the NHS. It can help them to make more informed brand decisions, enhance efficiencies and ultimately improve patients’ lives through therapy education programmes, LloydsPharmacy patient interventions and patient support programmes via our Clinical Contact Centre.

Using data to drive your marketing is a key factor in strategy development. Ensuring products reach the correct patients is vital to improving patient lives and appropriate marketing based on relevant insight can help make all the difference to patients.