Helping people to live independently and safely at home

Our very own Grant Abrahams, head of eCommerce & Betterlife at Celesio UK talks about the importance of living independently, and feeling safe and comfortable at home.

There can be a certain amount of impending doom associated with an ageing population, news of ‘demographic timebombs’, pressure on future generations to support an increasing number of retired people, lower economic growth and increasing costs of health care for more and more people who are living longer.

Buts it’s not all bad news…

With medical advances over the last decade or so including the human genome project, stem cell research and targeted cancer therapies not to mention changes to public health due to increased education, improved diet and no smoking laws, we have the opportunity to live not just longer, but healthier lives.

A consequence of living longer is the increase in single person households; in 2015 there were 7.7 million people in the UK who were living alone.  Add to this lower birth rate numbers and the fact that modern families are spread over a wide geographic area, there will almost certainly be a rise in people with either no immediate relatives, or at least non within easy reach that can help with every day care.

We all have an interest in keeping elderly people in their own homes as long as possible.  Most of us want to live independently and by doing so, the burden on stretched government resources and social care is reduced.


Thankfully, technological advancements mean that people can now live independently for longer.  Every generation is gaining confidence in using advanced technology, which opens up new opportunities for providing health and care monitoring and equipment for a wide range of different people. Telecare and telehealth can be used to monitor patients and put them in touch with health care professionals via the internet, simple devices can enable distant friends and relatives to just stay in touch or remotely monitor vital signs.

According to a survey we conducted, half of British adults feel at least six years younger than they are, with many adults feeling up to 15 years younger.  But more than half of Britain’s ageing population have felt restricted by their age, with mobility a key factor for the older generations.


Betterlife became part of the LloydsPharmacy group six years ago and we offer a wide range of solutions to help with everyday tasks from bathing, dressing, reading and writing, cooking, gardening and generally getting around.  The products are designed to support a multitude of mobility needs from supporting those with debilitating conditions such as Arthritis, MS and Cerebral Palsy through to other ailments including back trauma and SAD.

Everyday tasks can become more difficult as we age, yet there are a growing number of ingenious devices available to help you live a more independent and comfortable life— one that better aligns with the age we feel inside.  Simple equipment can mean the difference between living independently and needing someone to look after you – isn’t that what we all want?