Helping hospices care for people when they need it the most

Yinka Kuye, healthcare development manager at McKesson UK, talks about how LloydsPharmacy is helping hospices free up resources to spend more time taking care of people.

At LloydsPharmacy we don’t see patients. We see people. We see individuals. We see loved ones. As a team of pharmacy professionals, we recognise the challenges of supporting individuals and their family members through difficult stages of their life. That’s why we designed a service that helps support hospices to deliver more individual care.

In healthcare, there has been a shift towards a more person-centred approach, where the emphasis is about making sure the person is a part of the decision-making process. If we go back a few years, the White Paper ‘Equality and Excellence: Liberating the NHS’ set out the Government’s vision of the patient being put first and emphasised the approach of ‘no decision about me without me’. This is particularly apt when talking about hospice care, where people need to feel supported and in control.

We recognise that each hospice is unique, which is why we spend time trying to understand their needs and design services that help them to provide the best possible care. Our outsourced pharmacy model is all about freeing up hospice staff to spend more time with individuals, providing personalised care and making them feel more comfortable. If you’ve ever had loved ones who have experienced hospice care, you’ll know just how precious this time is.

We understand the complexities around providing medicines to those receiving hospice care. We also understand that each organisation is different, with some having a complex multi-site network of facilities and others focusing on much more localised care. As well as providing efficient and effective delivery of medicines, we also offer our hospice partners clinical and technical services . By managing stock and supporting with medicine optimisation, we’re able to help ensure medicines are being taken correctly and that nurses have more time to spend with individuals.

We’ve been providing pharmacy support to hospices for over a decade. Our vision is to make the patient experience even more person-centred, as well as to drive efficiencies and reduce costs for providers. That’s why we’re excited to be attending this year’s Hospice UK National Conference – a flagship event that brings together everyone involved in leading hospice, palliative and end of life care. The conference is a great opportunity to share ideas and best practice from around the sector. It’s also a chance for professionals to collaborate and challenge current ways of working, to focus on how we can all advance hospice care in order to provide more effective, meaningful and compassionate care for people, for individuals, for loved ones.