Healthcare providers

Working together to improve the patient choice and experience

Delivering better health to the nation

With the UK’s changing demographics and market challenges, it is more important than ever to work in partnership with the organisations that deliver healthcare every day to our nation.

We are the most trusted provider of pharmacy dispensing services to NHS hospitals and mental health care providers, because we free up clinical resource and reduce patient waiting times.

Bringing healthcare closer to home

Our LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare business delivers care to 80,000 patients in their home reducing the number of visits to hospital, and giving patients more choice on how they receive their care. 

From delivery of prescription medicines, to specialist oncology and recuperative care, we are helping to transform capacity within the NHS by bringing healthcare closer to home.

Better patient choice

Every healthcare provider we partner with becomes a part of our intelligent network of services and solutions. By working closely with them, we have developed some of the most forward-thinking and practical solutions to drive better patient choice and efficiency.

Reducing patient stays in hospital

We are now delivering injectable cancer and asthma treatments in a local LloydsPharmacy for Northern Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Trust. This has led to increased patient satisfaction and improved waiting times.

Together we have launched our first purpose-built healthcare centre, right in the heart of the community, where patients can choose to have their infusion treatment. This is transforming capacity for the hospital and giving patients a much more flexible treatment plan.

Hospital pharmacy services

Addressing the Carter Review recommendations with an end-to-end outsourced dispensing solution.

Prisons and mental health trusts

A complete outsourced pharmacy solution – offering inpatient, outpatient and clinical services in complex, high risk environments.

Dispensing efficiency

Careway Link allows multitasking so that you can deal with your prescriptions whilst using other functions.

Business support

Advice and support tools to optimise your back office and pharmacy business, to give you more time with your customers.

Retail marketing support

Practical support and materials your business needs to deliver excellent service to your customers.

Healthcare training

Including live practical training for injection techniques, supporting flu services and e-learning through the online academy.