Health tech heroes for 2017

With health technology making dramatic advances over the last few decades, it’s no wonder that home health technology has become the norm for those wanting a healthy lifestyle. Devices designed to help us monitor, test, and manage health conditions are readily available and can now be found in many homes across the UK.

LloydsPharmacy Pharmacist Anshu Bhimbat explains “over the last decade we’ve seen our customers embrace health technology in the home. The devices are user friendly, affordable and help people keep track of their health in the comfort of their own home. This is particularly useful for monitoring conditions such as blood pressure as visiting a doctor’s surgery can cause stress for some people which skews readings. Being able to monitor blood pressure at home ensures you can gain an accurate reading in a relaxed environment.”

Here we take a look at just a few of the innovative health technology products available at LloydsPharmacy:

Blood pressure monitor to help track health

Most adults are at risk of high blood pressure and many people don’t experience symptoms so it’s important you keep track of your blood pressure readings on a regular basis. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is thought to affect up to a third of the UK adult population and if you take steps to control it, you can actively reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and avoid damage to organs, such as your kidneys and eyes” explains Anshu.

Blood pressure monitors which are designed to be used in the home are an ideal way of measuring your blood pressure without trips to your local pharmacy.

The LloydsPharmacy Blood Pressure Monitor and Cuff (£19.99) is an accurate, portable monitor which is easy to use. The monitor has 60 memory functions so you can track your readings and detect any irregular heartbeats. If you’re unsure what the results mean, remember to pop into your local LloydsPharmacy and the healthcare team will be able to assist.


TENs machine for those living with pain

“From my experience, many people are not receiving the correct pain treatment and living with pain can take its toll on your physical and mental health. Understanding the different pain relief options can seem daunting and you may not be sure which treatment is right for you so I would recommend talking to your local pharmacist to help you choose pain relief to suit your needs” explains Anshu.

TENs machines work by delivering small, painless electrical pulses to the body via electrodes placed on the skin. This blocks the way pain signals are sent to the brain and stimulates the body to produce its own pain relieving chemicals called endorphins. As a result this may ease pain in an individual.

TENs is now regularly recommended by doctors, physiotherapists and pharmacists throughout the UK which has made the devices increasingly popular.

The LloydsPharmacy TENS Digital Pain Reliever (£11.99) targets shoulder, back, neck and joint pain. The device can be used alongside pain medication and has six program settings. It is lightweight, portable and replacement pads are available at LloydsPharmacy.


Allergy reliever for those with allergies

“Allergies can be a serious worry and nothing dampens spirits more than the discomfort and irritation that comes with hay fever and allergic rhinitis. Many people have tried the usual methods of allergy relief such as antihistamines, eye drops and nose sprays but have often not heard of red light therapy which helps to suppress cells that release histamine. It is worth considering combination therapy, using red light therapy alongside more traditional allergy remedies to help relieve the symptoms” says Anshu.

The LloydsPharmacy Allergy Reliever (£19.99) can help to reduce symptoms of hay fever and allergic rhinitis. These symptoms include watery eyes and a runny nose, which create discomfort and frustration to sufferers. Lightweight and portable, this device is placed in the nostrils for three minutes once or twice a day, to alleviate symptoms.

It can be used instead of or alongside other allergy medications. A pharmacist can advise when to use combined treatment for allergies.


Digital ear thermometer to keep track of temperature

“Body temperature is a good indicator of general health and you can use a digital ear thermometer to easily determine if someone has a fever (high temperature). A fever is usually considered to be 38°C (100.4F) or over. To gain an accurate temperature reading make sure you pull back the ear to straighten the ear canal” explains Anshu.

The LloydsPharmacy Digital Ear Thermometer (coming soon) accurately monitors body temperature. It includes 20 disposable ear covers so you can take multiple readings using the infrared measurement. The ear canal is an ideal place to measure as the ear drum shares the blood supply with the hypothalamus, the temperature control centre of the brain.


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