Ground-breaking new Celesio UK service enables patients to receive life-saving treatments in their local LloydsPharmacy

Leading healthcare provider, Celesio UK has introduced a transformational new service which gives patients the option to receive vital treatment closer to home.

LloydsPharmacy Healthcare Centres support hospitals to deliver treatments in the community instead of an acute hospital setting, thus creating efficiencies for the Trust and improving patient outcomes.

Ruth Poole, speciality director at Celesio UK, comments: “Traditionally, patients have to travel to hospitals for treatments which could be administered in the local community. Utilising our current pharmacy network means that patients can receive vital treatment near to home at their local LloydsPharmacy. As well as being more convenient, this gives patients access to our pharmacy teams who can provide expert guidance and advice on related issues including medicine management and adherence.”

This announcement is part of Celesio UK’s innovative strategy to transform how and where healthcare is delivered, offering more choice for patients whilst creating efficiencies for NHS Trusts. This service uses expertise from LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare to provide an alternative option for patients, outside of hospital and homecare.

Ruth continues: “Our world is changing – the way we live, our environments, the technology we use, our aging population. These changes are presenting our health industry with new challenges and we need to be flexible and forward thinking to be able to meet them.

“The NHS is under pressure of financial constraints and increasing patient demand. Some of the issues that are causing this pressure can be avoided or reduced by rethinking how and where care is delivered – that’s where we come in. LloydsPharmacy healthcare centres will provide us with an opportunity to ease the strain on our NHS and do the right thing for patients. We are working in partnership with the NHS to identify treatment areas that we can support them to deliver.”

LloydsPharmacy healthcare centres offer patients specialised medicine collection as well the administration of nurse-led infusions and injection treatments. Patients who are safe and suitable to receive their treatment in a community pharmacy setting are identified by their consultant. They can then choose which option works best for them.

Ruth says: “One of the services that we can provide is an injection treatment for breast cancer. We know it’s important for patients to feel in control and not allow the disease to take over – that’s why the ability to choose between getting care in hospital, in a local pharmacy or at home is really important.”

“In our LloydsPharmacy stores, our pharmacy teams can talk to the patient about managing their condition. For example we have skin and pain experts who can offer a range of over the counter remedies which can help to alleviate any symptoms they might be experiencing. Our pharmacists can support with any medication queries and concerns.”

Most of the services will be delivered within the LloydsPharmacy store using additional consultation rooms, but for infusion clinics and more complex treatments, a new space will be constructed to accommodate the service.

This is the latest example of Celesio UK working in partnership with the NHS. They currently provide out-patient dispensing services for over 50 hospitals across the country.