Emergency Hormonal Contraception – morning after pill statement

When prescribed by a doctor, family planning clinic or Brook Advisory Centre on the NHS, the morning after pill will be free from community pharmacies. The morning after pill is also available free of charge to some groups of women from over 700 LloydsPharmacy stores where local NHS schemes are in place.


Our priority is to determine the correct product for our patients— regardless of price. According to the latest guidance from the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare, some products are only appropriate if the patient has a BMI of less than 26 and are seeking advice within 24 hours of unprotected intercourse.  Most women will therefore require the ellaOne product.  The consultation with our pharmacists will establish the most appropriate course of action (which could be referral to a doctor) and will also include guidance on contraception and sexually transmitted infections.  Our pricing policy is determined by several factors and it is subject to regular reviews.


In Scotland the emergency contraceptive pill is available free of charge on the NHS from pharmacies, GPs and sexual health clinics.