Driving improvements on our environmental impact

Sales and Operations Director Ashley Cowen shares an update on our journey to building a greener McKesson UK.

Last year, McKesson UK made a strong commitment to protect our planet – by pledging to go carbon neutral by 2030.

We’ve got a long journey ahead of us, but it starts with changing some of our day-to-day behaviours and that’s what we’re currently striving to improve.

Around 60% of our carbon emissions come from delivering medicines to our customers so naturally one of the first targets in our plan to become more sustainable is to reduce our fuel consumption.

That’s why we’ve recently launched our new fuel efficiency driver training programme to help cut our carbon footprint.

We’ve created a new training module for all our drivers across AAH, LloydsPharmacy and LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare, which explores fuel efficiency techniques. Not only that, but these techniques are also safer than some common driving practices. This means that by rolling out this training, we’re protecting our people as well as our planet.

Over 20% of our drivers across McKesson UK have completed the training so far, and we expect all drivers across our brands to complete this by 31st May 2021.

While it’s a workplace training module, colleagues can and are also encouraged to use these techniques outside of work.

But this is only one step in our journey to becoming carbon neutral. Colleagues across the business are working hard to land a number of other projects as well, exploring:

  • Switching to green power
  • Delivery route optimisation
  • Improving energy management
  • Cutting plastic and paper use

By taking accountability of our own environmental impact and changing some of our small, everyday behaviours, I’m sure we will start to see a big difference in our carbon footprint – not just across McKesson UK, but across the globe.