Do you feel your real age?

Brits restricted by age despite feeling younger inside

Half of British adults feel at least six years younger than they are with many adults feeling up to 15 years younger, research reveals.

The survey, which was commissioned by Betterlife from LloydsPharmacy, asked over 1,500 adults about their views on ageing – providing a fascinating insight into the attitudes of age conscious Brits.

The difference between real age and “inner age” rises steadily as people mature with Brits feeling younger the older they get. This appears to be coupled with an inner confidence that only comes with age.

While 100 per cent of the over 85s feel comfortable in their own skin, this figure dives to 65 per cent among 18 to 24 year olds, then climbs gradually as people age.

In contrast, the study showed that more than half of Britain’s ageing population have felt restricted by their age, with mobility a key factor for the older generations. It probed the public for their fears and hopes about ageing and found that 75 per cent feared losing their fitness and over a third their independence.

The survey was organised by Betterlife, the independent living offering from LloydsPharmacy, available at a state-of-the-art store in Leeds and online (

Grant Abrahams, independent living expert at Betterlife, said: “It’s great to see that the older we get, the more relaxed we are in ourselves, even in our youth-obsessed society.

“But I sympathise with those who feel restricted by the age-related health and mobility conditions that affect many.

“Thankfully there is a growing number of ingenious devices available to help us live a more independent and comfortable life, one that better aligns with the age we feel inside. Even the simplest of gadgets can make a huge difference in breaking down the restrictions of age.”

Earlier this year, Betterlife from LloydsPharmacy opened its first dedicated store in Leeds. The store is modelled on a complete real home with 300 disability and mobility aids that customers can touch, experience and try out and 3,500 available online to order.   Customers who use mobility scooters, wheelchairs or powerchairs can road test vehicles on the in-store multi surface track, which has cobbles and AstroTurf.

The UK survey of 1,554 adults was conducted by Research Now in November 2014 and revealed:

  • 21% feel more than 15 years younger than their actual age, compared with a tiny 3% who feel more than 15 years older
  • 59% feel younger than their actual age (even if only by a few years)
  • 45% have felt restricted by their age
  • For older age groups, restrictions focused on the ability to get around while for those in younger or middle age restrictions were more likely to involve careers or love lives
  • The things people looked forward to with ageing included experience/wisdom (47%), more time (43%) and financial security (33%)
  • 19% were worried about losing their freedom as they got older and 75% were concerned with being less fit than they once were
  • A third were worried about being less independent
  • The average 22 year old said they feel the same as their passport age, but the older age-groups increasingly felt younger as they aged, with the average 40 year old feeling more like 34 and the average 60 year old feeling more like 46 (14 years younger than their real age)