Decoding DNA offers hope for serial dieters

  • New research among UK women who have ever tried to diet reveals 71% are currently unhappy with their weight with 1 in 5 admitting they are ALWAYS on a diet
  • Over a third say it doesn’t matter what they do they can’t lose weight and 59% are yet to find a successful way to manage their weight
  • Hope for serial dieters as new DNA test available from LloydsPharmacy reveals how your body uniquely responds to exercise, food and drink.



59% of UK women who have ever tried to diet say they are yet to find a successful way to manage their weight, despite over a third admitting to having tried four or more different diets.

The research[i], which was carried out by LloydsPharmacy, discovered that over a third say it doesn’t matter what they do they can’t lose weight, whilst 1 in 3 say that diets may work initially but they put the weight back on.  The research revealed that diet failures are leaving a quarter of British women feeling like they have no control over their weight.

Anshu Bhimbat, Pharmacist from LloydsPharmacy, who are exclusively launching myDNA™ this January, commented “In their attempts to lose weight many are often following fad diets. It can often be hard to know what approach is best as it can vary so much between individuals.  Decoding our genes aims to demystify that by helping people understand how their genetics impacts their weight therefore allowing them to make choices based on their individual body type.”

Despite their lack of success, British women continue to strive, in fact, 1 in 5 said they are always on a diet. The apparent popularity could be linked to the fact that 71% of women questioned said they are unhappy with their weight.

Genetic testing for weight management is a relatively new concept which until now hasn’t been as widely available or as affordable. myDNA will be available both in store and online at LloydsPharmacy this week priced at just £59, almost half the price of other comparative products, and backed by scientific evidence and a team of genetic experts. The testing kit, uses a simple cheek swab to analyse genes[ii] known to influence body size and weight, our ability to maintain and lose weight, the way the body stores and processes dietary fats and the risk of elevated triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

Doctor and CEO at myDNA Lior Rauchberger says that, “Our genetics can tell us so much about our body size and our risk of being overweight. Our DNA can offer insight into how we store and breakdown fats, certain types of which can contribute to a range of health issues”.

“This information then helps to tailor a personalised diet plan, unique to the individual, to assist with recommendations on serving size, advice on what percentage of carbohydrates, fats and protein and even what intensity of exercise is the most beneficial.”

Rauchberger says, “The research also found that 45% blame their genetics for their weight and body shape and 70% are keen to find out how their genes impact their weight.”



About myDNA

myDNA is a genetics company that decodes the information in your genes to help you live better. myDNA tests are a simple mouth swab that can be ordered online and carried out at home or in a Lloyds pharmacy. The tests are analysed in myDNA’s laboratory to establish how each individual body is programmed to respond to what food and drink is consumed, what medicines are taken and the type of exercise best suited to their DNA.

The myDNA Weight Management DNA Testing Kit is exclusive to LloydsPharmacy and costs £59, for more information please visit

About the Diet Report

myDNA’s Diet Reports look at several genes that can help with understanding your weight. The genes analysed in the Diet Report provide insight into an individual’s health, including how likely they are to gain weight, their sense of being full after eating and how they process and store fat in addition to other relevant health related indicators.

The report proves a detailed explanation of what the genetic results mean and advice about which diet and exercise approach is most recommended to enhance an individual’s health. The Diet Report has been developed by a team of qualified nutrition and genetics professionals.

About the Research

Survey methodology: 1,000 female participants, aged over 18 who had previously tried to lose weight completed an online survey. Nationally representative quotas based on age, sex and area were applied. The survey was conducted in December 2017 by 3GEM Research and Insights.

About LloydsPharmacy

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[i] Carried out online by 3GEM Research & Insights throughout December 2017 amongst a panel of 1,000 UK adult women who have dieted.

[ii] Genes analysed are FTO, APOA5, PPRAG, ADIPOQ, MTIF3, LIPC and FADS1