Community pharmacy

Providing accessible patient care through community pharmacy

Providing care to the local community

At the heart of everything we do is the relationship with the patient. Community pharmacy is the pillar of every neighbourhood, both a friendly face and trusted health and well-being advisor. We provide care to the local community when they need it through our LloydsPharmacy network, dispensing 146 million prescription items per year and advising 3 million patients every month.

Leading the way

The NHS and healthcare system is facing many challenges. An aging population coupled with the efficiency agenda has meant we need to change what we do to help deliver better health for all.

Community pharmacy will need to lead the way in prevention and deliver more services to their communities, whilst becoming much more integrated with the system.

Maintaining the trust of millions of patients

There are over 14,000 working pharmacies in the UK that fulfil millions of prescriptions a year. Maintaining the trust of the 9 million patients we serve in LloydsPharmacy and in thousands of community pharmacies, means more than getting each prescription and delivery right. It’s also about building a successful business.

We deliver prescription and over-the-counter medicines twice daily to every dispensing point in the UK. We go beyond distribution alone, by making use of the data collected across the whole network.


On time, every time

We develop services and relevant over-the-counter product ranges that support health and well-being, as well as prescription medicine. We help make sure medicines reach pharmacists and patients on time, every time, in perfect condition.

Providing support to the independent pharmacist

We provide marketing support based on insights gained from other successful pharmacies, to help improve shop layouts, patient pathways, and attract new customers.

Putting patient safety at the heart of everything we do

Our patient safety programme, SaferCare focuses on driving higher clinical standards in our pharmacies. We believe that a true safety culture is one in which everyone takes responsibility for patient safety, whatever their role in the business. Through SaferCare, we encourage openness and accountability and rely on our people to report, learn, share, act and review. Together, we are constantly striving to reduce errors and enhance our patient care across our pharmacy network. Find out more here.

Our partnerships with community pharmacies, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers are making better health possible in the UK.