Celesio UK’s position on Clinical Services Review

Managing Director Cormac Tobin said; “I have read the Murray Review with interest and I am delighted to see the pragmatic recommendations made which I believe firmly support a greater use of existing clinical services and the delivery of the Community Pharmacy Forward View.  We have long called for national, as well as local approaches to commissioning of community pharmacy services and it is very positive to see that this is recognised. This is a report with the clear intention of creating a better, future-proofed health care system by realising the passion and genius of community pharmacy and pharmacists.

Of course there will be some challenges to overcome, and by embracing these we can improve the way that community pharmacy integrates and interfaces with the wider NHS and also engages with the new models of care agenda.  These factors are so important to the future development of the sector in the context of the challenges facing our NHS and the nation’s health.

After a difficult year, it is encouraging to have this review published.  I look forward to hearing the Government’s response to the recommendations.”