Celesio UK Partnerships for the future: David Bound update

The manufacturer’s day, held in September, was a catalyst for change. Many industry experts attended the event and were shown Celesio’s plans in transforming healthcare. Following on from the event, David Bound, PharmaCo director, talks about what impact the day has had on PharmaCo, and what the future entails for this exciting and innovative healthcare proposition.

It is apparent that the manufacturer’s day has had an incredible impact, “It’s really raised the bar in terms of awareness.” says David. In relation to the four core propositions around supply chain solutions, insight and data, marketing services and patient support programmes, the event was an ideal opportunity to showcase what PharmaCo can do, and engage people within the industry.

One of the successful outcomes that came from the event is the way in which it’s enhanced the brand, “It’s improved the brand from just being a wholesale to a healthcare solutions provider.” says David. By raising the awareness, it has altered people’s perceptions and knowledge of the brand, which has created a greater understanding about what PharmaCo does. The Manufacturer’s day created a platform that enabled the message to be put across and will “ultimately change the way that we operate with our manufacturers.” says David.

According to David, the main goal for the future of PharmaCo is to “continue to help manufacturers connect to patients, by using all of the assets that we have as an integrated healthcare solutions provider.” David says that this will be achieved by maintaining good account management, and focusing on several key propositions.

This year will be an opportunity to show people the effectiveness of this healthcare proposition. David says that in 2018 he is most looking forward to “making sure that people see that we are really effective at executing and delivering what we say we do in relation to keeping existing contracts.” He also says that the focus points for this year will be exploring how to grow the data and insight business with manufacturers, “so it’s engaging a different set of people in the organisation to figure out how we can help grow their share.”

Moving forward, to continue to strengthen the brand, PharmaCo aims are to ensure that the brand is being marketed efficiently. David says this will be achieved through promoting the brand on various platforms such as twitter and LinkedIn, as well as using events like the manufacturer’s day to push it forward, and continue to raise awareness. By continuing to engage people about this pioneering healthcare proposition, this will enhance the way it operates, innovatively connecting healthcare to patients, and ultimately improve lives.