Celesio UK Partnerships for the future: Alexis Moss update

The manufacturer’s day was a massive success, informing people in the industry about Celesio’s plans in transforming healthcare. Four months later, Alexis Moss, Head of PharmaCo, talks about the impact that the day had, and what the future holds for this innovative healthcare proposition.

Months after the big event, it’s still clear that the day has had a huge impact on Celesio. “In terms of the content, the attendance, the feedback, and the way it was run was fantastic. It was a brilliant day and I couldn’t have asked for more.” says Alexis. In terms of moving forward, the day sparked an opportunity for change, engaging people in the industry, and PharmaCo has benefited greatly in terms of their brand awareness.

Looking to the future, it is important to keep people as informed as possible, and continue to push the ideas forward. “There’s things we’re doing now that we need to continue to evolve, and innovate, and think about what’s next, as an organisation we have so much to offer, and there’s so much more to come”, says Alexis.

In this coming year, Alexis says she’s looking forward to renegotiating some big contracts, and working on the Mappi proposition, and sort out plans for next year, moving it forward. “2017 was a big year, and this year we’ve got to double it, which is really exciting”, says Alexis.

To continue to build the brand, Alexis says that it’s important that people are trained really well “so we can communicate with manufacturers more effectively”. Another key focus is reinforcing the PharmaCo wheel, building awareness of the 4 core propositions of supply chain solutions, insight and data, marketing services and patient support programmes, and ensuring these are being marketed, raising awareness of the proposition.