Celesio UK community health partnership launches in Yorkshire

Celesio UK’s first Careway community health partnership launches with the unveiling of Marsden Pharmacy in Harrogate

The first independent pharmacy to benefit from Celesio UK’s new ‘Careway’ community health partnership has opened its doors, with five more pharmacies set to open through summer.

The Careway partnership – a new initiative created by leading healthcare provider Celesio UK – allows independent pharmacies to develop an enhanced service offering by combining the best aspects of Celesio’s European Pharmacy Network concept with the local passion and knowledge of a trusted independent pharmacy team. Pharmacies that choose to take up a partnership will benefit from greater access to expertise, training services and products from the Celesio UK Support Centre and across the company’s portfolio, including LloydsPharmacy, AAH Pharmaceuticals and independent living product provider, Betterlife.

The new concept Marsden Pharmacy in Harrogate, Yorkshire, officially opened to local residents on Wednesday 9 July after a full refurbishment, and is the first in the UK to sign up for the Celesio UK Careway partnership programme. The pharmacy now offers free, enhanced services for a range of conditions including skin health, pain management and smoking cessation. Anti-malaria and type 2 Diabetes testing will be added in the near future.

Nigel Swift, Marketing and Sales Director at Celesio UK, said: “The introduction of the Careway partnership programme is the first stage in one of the biggest projects of the year for us, developing how we tailor and add value to our services for independent pharmacies and their customers. Our aim is for pharmacies that work with us to experience immediate benefits and long-term growth, whether this is from increased sales due to successful implementation of a ‘deal of the week’ through to greater customer confidence due to access to healthcare training.

“We have such a vast bank of expertise at our Support Centre and beyond, and the Careway offering allows independent pharmacy managers to tap deeper into our research, services, training, people and connectivity, while retaining full independence and management of their pharmacy.

“The partnership comprises different packages that will allow independent pharmacy owners to work with our teams to choose a suite of services that meet their needs.”

The partnership is scalable to suit specific pharmacy owners and the major benefits come from four main categories – customer, store and OTC, pharmacy services, business support and wholesale services. The specific support options range from category management expertise and space planning through to training of teams to deliver healthcare services. Pharmacies are also able to adopt Careway branding and new refurbishment in line with the popular Celesio European Pharmacy Network refit concept.

Bhavin Morjaria, owner of Marsden Pharmacy – a group of six pharmacies taking up the partnership – commented: “We are delighted to be a pioneer in a partnership programme that will do so much to support the health needs of local customers. The nine-strong team at Marsden Pharmacy in Harrogate have a great understanding of the healthcare needs of the local community through many years of experience, and the Careway partnership will allow us to go above and beyond for patients whilst also helping us to be commercially strong. I look forward to growing the business over the coming years.”

Nigel added: “The opening of the first Careway pharmacy partnership is extremely exciting for us as part of our plans to provide superior, end-to-end solutions to pharmacies by utilising our entire network of services. Although we are currently in the early stages of developing the programme we are hoping to open the partnership option up to independent pharmacy owners across the UK before the end of the year.”

As well as the Careway partnership option, Celesio UK is also introducing the opportunity for pharmacies to become a full franchisee of LloydsPharmacy. Franchised pharmacies will adopt the LloydsPharmacy brand and business strategy, including the European Pharmacy Network concept and shop fit, and access to the full suite of health service training in categories such as skin and pain.