Celebrating partnerships that make a difference for the NHS and for patients

Our head of healthcare and NHS pharmacy services, Kieran Doona shares his thoughts on what it means to be a judge at this year’s HSJ Awards.

Whenever I talk to friends from other countries, one of the things they admire most about the UK is our National Health Service. It can be easy for us to take it for granted, but for over 75 years it has provided us and our families with the reassurance that we can access care, free of charge, whenever we need it.

In my role as head of healthcare and NHS pharmacy services at McKesson UK, I work closely with many different teams from the NHS and get to see close up just how important it is to people. That’s why I’m incredibly proud to be one of the judges at this year’s HSJ awards. Having the opportunity to celebrate the best and brightest from our healthcare industry is an honour and I’m pleased to represent McKesson UK on the panel.

Reading through some of the entries for this year’s awards, I have been blown away by the innovative initiatives and inspiring work of the teams and people within the NHS. There have also been many great examples of how collaborative partnerships with other organisations are helping to drive improvements for Trusts.

At McKesson, our position as a healthcare provider means that we are able to partner with the NHS to help them improve patient outcomes and enhance the overall experience. The work that we do with different Trusts also eases the pressures and capacity challenges that they face in their hospitals. Whether it’s through our out-patient dispensary services or our LloydsPharmacy healthcare centres model, we are striving to make things better for the end-patient.

Looking forward, the government’s vision for pharmacy is that it becomes a more integrated partner for the NHS, in the same way that GPs and dentists already are. There are so many opportunities to build on the great work that is being done within the NHS every day and I’m excited to see what role we can play in protecting and supporting our country’s most treasured asset.

I’m looking forward to the judging process and the awards ceremony and getting to see some amazing people being recognised for the work they do. I’m proud to play my part in an event that has been celebrating healthcare excellence for 39 years.