Celebrating our pharmacists on World Pharmacists’ Day

Whether it’s providing advice on medication or delivering vital healthcare services, our pharmacists provide a wide range of support to our patients and customers every day. Today, for World Pharmacists’ Day, we’re celebrating the 2,800 pharmacists across our McKesson UK family by sharing a selection of stories to highlight the work they do to help people feel better and live healthier.


Hinesh Mistry MRPharmS PGDip is a LloydsPharmacy healthcare operations manager with experience in mental health pharmacy. Here’s his story:

My career with LloydsPharmacy started as a pre-registration pharmacist in a very busy community pharmacy. During that year-long programme, I was very grateful for the pre-reg training days I attended and my tutor, which were both key on my journey to becoming a pharmacist.

Since qualifying, I’ve worked in a variety of LloydsPharmacy stores, gaining experience in lots of areas. From learning how to cope with fulfilling large volumes of prescriptions, to dealing with complex demographics of patients, every pharmacy is unique. 

When you’re a pharmacist, every day is different. Now, working as a regional manager, I enjoy working with pharmacy managers in my area, helping them to become great leaders. I can influence stakeholders to help us achieve great patient outcomes and I can build my own brand to help me achieve my goals. I’m always mindful of the opportunities that we have been given to help improve patients’ lives.


Our superintendent pharmacist and clinical standards director, Steve Howard, has been with the business for over 35 years. Click the image to watch his LloydsPharmacy journey:



Our next story is a very personal one from one of our LloydsPharmacy patients.

Shelley Taylor was a patient who attended the LloydsPharmacy in Goole. This is her experience:

Last July I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which was a major shock. I was only 47 and never expected something like this to happen to me.

I really struggled in the first few weeks after my diagnosis. During my consultations, I was told I would need chemotherapy and was advised to go to my doctor to request having my flu jab immediately to help keep me well. I got in touch to tell them I was having chemotherapy and needed a flu injection, but I was advised these were only given on a Saturday and nobody could help me until then.

I called my local LloydsPharmacy and spoke to Joanne. I explained my situation and she immediately called Renata, the pharmacist on duty. Joanne explained, discreetly, why I needed a flu jab. Before I knew it, I was in the consultation room getting my jab. 

Renata asked me about my diagnosis and treatment. She couldn’t have been more caring and told me if I needed anything to let them know. Joanne was also very reassuring, giving me help and advice as she had a family member who had experience with breast cancer too. 

Both ladies showed genuine concern for me and I am so appreciative. They are a credit to LloydsPharmacy. From that day, every time I call in to pick up a prescription, if Joanne or Renata are in, they go out of their way to ask how I’m doing, making special effort to see if there’s anything they can help with.

It was fantastic when I called in last week and was able to tell Renata that I now have the all-clear.


Feroz Jussab is a mental health pharmacy manager who progressed through several different roles:

After passing his pre-registration exam through McKesson UK, he was selected to become a relief manager. Four months later, Feroz was offered the opportunity to manage his own LloydsPharmacy branch.

Click the image to watch his view on the world of pharmacy:



McKesson UK CEO, Toby Anderson, believes that:

“Our pharmacists are integral to our business and so many people rely on their professionalism and expertise to help them feel better. There has been a lot of change in the industry recently, but one thing that has remained consistent is the level of service they provide. To all our pharmacists, I’d like to say a special thank you: whether you work in a community pharmacy, a hospital, a prison or even a support role, based in an office, your passion and skills make our business what it is.”