Better Health for Our Patients: Faster than an ambulance

Kevin Burgess, an employee at LloydsPharmacy, helps with medical emergencies in his local community each week. While an ambulance can take approximately 15 minutes to reach the site of an emergency in the rural area of Cheshire, Kevin Burgess is already at the scene within 5 minutes, helping to save lives. This volunteering activity is why he has been named as a winner of the McKesson Community Hero awards.

Celesio UK’s parent company, McKesson launched the competition to find colleagues from across the organisation that are making outstanding contributions to their local communities. Kevin, who works as a pharmacist in LloydsPharmacy won the Better Health for Our Patients category. He has been awarded with a grant that he can donate to his chosen cause.

Saving time can save lives: The survival rate of cardiac patients is reduced by 10% for every minute their heart does not beat. When Kevin receives an emergency call, he immediately sets out to provide first-aid to the patients in the community – voluntarily.

“I like volunteering as I can make a difference within my community and be on hand when there are no ambulances available. The best feeling is being there for someone who is unwell so I can reassure them” says Kevin.

Thanks to his dedication, Kevin provides professional first-aid, even before the doctors arrive on scene. Not only does he actively save lives, but trains people in how to save more. He will donate the grant to the Alder Hey’s Children’s Kidney Fund, which provides help to children with renal and urological disorders. Kevin Burgess himself is active in raising money for the children’s hospital, as his daughter was a patient there when she received a kidney transplant – for which he was the donor. Since then, supporting the hospital and children suffering from kidney diseases has been a cause close to his heart.

In addition to his volunteer work as a first-aid worker, Kevin also campaigned for the installation of three defibrillators in the community. He regularly offers training courses showing the members of the community how to correctly use the device in an emergency.