Apprenticeships at McKesson UK

Sandra Pearce, head of talent and engagement at McKesson UK, gives us an insight into why she believes that apprenticeships are part of future workforce planning.

Did you know that 73% of employers say that staff morale is improved by having apprentices?

I’ve always believed that to retain the best people in an organisation, recognising talent and offering fantastic development opportunities is the key to success. The individuals in a workforce, alongside the teams they work in, are an integral part of effective delivery and by harnessing exceptional talent, we can help make sure the best possible care and services are offered to customers.

We know the huge benefits apprenticeships can bring to a business and, for McKesson UK, I want apprenticeships to be embedded into the fabric of our Learning and Development strategy. So far, we have 63 apprenticeship courses open to existing colleagues and potential new starters, covering all aspects of the business. From courses in HR to project management, the variety we offer provides a great platform to give colleagues the career they have always wanted.

I spoke to one colleague in our HR team who recently finished her apprenticeship after joining in 2017. Discussing the support she received, she said: “I gained practical work experience and received a qualification and feel like I’m really equipped for my future career working in a business environment. I was supported through my apprenticeship by my colleagues, tutor and the business and I’m now a valued member of my team.”

I’m very proud that we offer apprenticeships across McKesson UK and we have a huge pool of talented people who have taken a fantastic step towards a major milestone in their careers. Over the coming years, we’ll be continuing to build on the number of people who are taking part in our apprenticeship programmes. We don’t just want to stand still, we want to keep encouraging our colleagues to think about how apprenticeships will benefit them and their careers.