About us

Striving to be the UK's no.1 healthcare partner

Making a difference in UK healthcare

McKesson UK has been making great strides in becoming a fully integrated healthcare provider. At a time of significant change for our industry, coupled with NHS budget pressures and changing needs of patients and customers, we need to provide alternative solutions.

By working together to provide these solutions we can enable a sustainable healthcare system and address the UK’s health needs.

A shared mission with the NHS

Our partnerships with NHS healthcare providers have created opportunities to problem solve together. Our approach is to co-design services and innovations that deliver sustainable healthcare to patients.

Over the last 12 months, we have tackled these funding challenges together with our partners. By using our community pharmacy reach, we are now delivering cancer treatment to patients closer to their home. By delivering more hospital medicines out into the community than ever before, we are reducing the number of hospital visits for patients.

More time for patients

“With the stresses in the NHS at the moment, adding a LloydsPharmacy Healthcare Centre to the mix will help to relieve some of that pressure so nurses can spend more one-to-one time with patients. This will leave a lot more nurses thinking, this is why I’m a nurse”.

Natalie, Lead Nurse
LloydsPharmacy Healthcare Centre