AAH saves PharmAid BNF initiative


AAH Pharmaceuticals was called in to support the PharmAid initiative after the charity was let down by their distribution partner planned for this year’s collection.

AAH has collected approximately 5000 copies of the British National Formulary from pharmacies and hospitals, supporting the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association’s PharmAid initiative.

800 drivers across 15 depots from the Highlands in Scotland down to the far corners of eastern and southern England got involved with the annual re-distribution of recently outdated copies of the BNFs to pharmacists, doctors and other allied health professions to lower and middle income Commonwealth countries.

Darren Goldspink, supply chain manager at AAH, said: “I am delighted we were given the opportunity to co-ordinate our distribution centre teams to support such a great scheme and I admire the efforts across the board, especially given the tight turnaround we were working with.

“The work of the PharmAid team and the results they achieve in developing countries demonstrates that the BNF books supplied offer more than just a point of reference.

“There are stories of how access to these books has enabled cultural change, bringing doctors and pharmacists closer together and improved professional awareness.”

Commenting on the partnership, Victoria Rutter, executive director at the CPA, said: “We would like to express our sincere gratitude to AAH for saving PharmAid this year. Without their commitment, the scheme would simply not have been possible.

“We receive fantastic feedback every year from the pharmaceutical societies in lower middle income countries that receive books from PharmAid.

“PharmAid helps to facilitate the building of bridges across the healthcare team and encourages collaborative working towards ensuring safer and more effective use of medicines throughout the Commonwealth.

“We would like to thank everyone who took part for their generous support.”