AAH offers online tool to help pharmacies tackle the cuts

AAH Pharmaceuticals, part of Celesio UK, has released an online tool that helps pharmacies identify how much of the Quality Payment they are on track to receive.

The Quality Payment scheme is part of the government’s new funding package for community pharmacy. All pharmacies are required to demonstrate that they meet four gateway requirements to claim their payment. The value of the payment will depend on how many of the eight quality criteria are achieved at both review points in order to secure their share of the allocated £75 million.

AAH has created a Quality Payment tool to help customers identify the criteria they are not currently meeting, so they can prepare to make changes before the first review date in April 2017.

Commenting on the assessment tool, Dawn Williams, Head of Customer Development at Celesio UK says: “We recognise that this is an incredibly busy time of year for pharmacies and it’s hard to take the time to plan for the impending cuts. It’s not long until April, and after the Christmas rush, the first review date will be upon us before we know it.

“This tool is all about helping our customers to take control. It works by calculating the percentage of Quality Payment a pharmacy is eligible to receive based on its current compliance of the criteria outlined by the government.

“It then produces a tailored report highlighting what the pharmacy needs to do in order to meet the remaining quality criteria and maximise their level of funding.

“Identifying and understanding a customer’s immediate needs provides their AAH account manager with the insight to fully support the pharmacy and make the journey to fulfilling the criteria required as simple as possible.”

Anika Shah, independent community pharmacist and Careway partner comments: “These cuts are a big threat to my business, so it’s imperative that I prepare and make sure I make the most out of what’s on offer.

“This is a time of change and uncertainty for pharmacy as a whole, so one of the challenges for an operator like me, is to understand exactly what’s required. This Quality Payment tool helps with that and means I can plan and implement any changes to make sure I secure as much funding as possible.”

The online Quality Payment tool is part of the AAH’s ongoing commitment to offer customer focused service and delivery. The wholesaler also offers pharmacy funding cuts support through its Careway offering. Careway offers community pharmacy a range of proven services that provide uplifts across prescriptions, services and retail enabling them to run more profitably.

To access the free tool or to find out more, just visit: www.aahpharmacyfunding.co.uk