AAH empowers partners to get the most out of the new pharmacy contract

On Tuesday 12 November, AAH Pharmaceuticals (part of McKesson UK) held an interactive webinar for customers, designed to answer their questions and develop their understanding of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework.

More than 100 AAH partners signed up for the event, which was hosted by 3rd party sales representative, Hanish Patel and pharmacy affairs manager, Vicki Roberts. The webinar itself included an overview of the new framework, as well as breakdown of the individual elements, including the requirements of the new Pharmacy Quality Scheme. The session gave the attendees opportunity to raise their specific queries or concerns and have them answered directly.

Runveer Hayer, head of customer development at AAH said: “We understand the challenges that are facing community pharmacies today. The industry is going through a lot of change and with the introduction of a new pharmacy contract, many operators are looking for support to help them make the most of the funding. That’s exactly why we set up this webinar.”

The Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework was announced in July, earlier this year. Community pharmacies across England will be required to demonstrate that they have met the new requirements by April 2020 in order to receive their funding.

Runveer continued: “We have a responsibility to share the expertise we have in our business with our partners and customers. This webinar was an opportunity for people to dial in and learn more about the specifics of the framework and how they can ensure they meet the criteria to achieve maximum funding.”

A summary of the event, including the question and answer session, is now available on the AAH website under Community Pharmacy, for anyone who couldn’t participate in the webinar. https://www.workcast.com/register?cpak=2345993831239155

More than 90% of attendees said that they found the session useful in helping them to understand more about the contract and how to get the most from it.