A message from McKesson UK CEO Toby Anderson to LloydsPharmacy patients and customers

“At a time like this I want to reassure our customers and patients that LloydsPharmacy’s healthcare teams in the community are working harder than ever to ensure you and your families continue to get the products, services and medicines you need through this challenging time.  

Similar to the recent surge in demand many UK supermarkets have been experiencing across food and household items, we too are seeing an increase in the purchase of certain products such as hand sanitisercough, cold and flu medicines and pain relief.   However, I can assure you that we have enough of these products in our supply chain to serve our communities.   Like other pharmacy businesses, we have introduced volume purchasing limits for certain items, but I should like to ask customers to purchase products only as and when needed rather than forward-buy as this will ensure pharmacies can continue to provide care for everyone over the coming months.   

Our pharmacies sit at the heart of our communities and now more than ever we are seeing communities work closely together to support those in need.  As part of our contribution, we are introducing measures to ensure our LloydsPharmacy healthcare teams are well supported to stay safe and in operation to serve our communities. We are also reviewing our in-store services to minimise risk and have for example removed all testers and samples to further protect our customers.   

In regard to prescribed medicines, I want to reassure customers that our stores are operating well, with all LloydsPharmacy stores continuing to dispense prescriptions as normal.  For those who cannot collect prescriptions in person, Echo is a free app where patients or their carers can order and arrange to have your NHS repeat prescriptions delivered to your door.