Spotlight on… pain management

Our retail operations director, Andrew Gibb started his career as a pharmacist with LloydsPharmacy in 2000. Here he puts a spotlight on how community pharmacy can help with managing pain.  

Did you know 85% of people who experience pain don’t receive the appropriate treatment?

We can all experience aches, pains and general discomfort from time to time. Often it’s nothing to worry about, but when we don’t manage our pain properly, it can start to affect our lives. Pain can stop us living life to the fullest; it impacts our mood and stops us being able to do some of the things we really enjoy.

Managing pain properly can give you back the freedom to live comfortably. That’s were community pharmacy can play a vital role.

When I was working as a pharmacist in Wales, an old lady, who was one of our regular customers, was experiencing some severe back pain which was preventing her from enjoying her passion of gardening. After a quick consultation we identified the right treatment to alleviate her pain and improve her condition. She took great pleasure in coming back into the store later in the week to tell me all about how nimble she felt!

The accessible nature of pharmacy means that customers like this can pop in to see a highly skilled pharmacist, without an appointment, and get the right advice they need to help manage their pain. At LloydsPharmacy, we’re trying to educate our customers to let them know they can come to us with their concerns about pain. It’s all about changing the perception that leads people to rushing to GPs and instead getting them to think ‘pharmacy first’.

Pharmacy should be at the forefront for minor ailments like pain. Not only because it means customers can easily and quickly get the care they need, but also because it helps to reduce strain on the NHS.

You can find out more about the LloydsPharmacy pain management service here: